It has been a while since I’ve become a Tina Fey fan. Any one with understanding of contemporary satire and irony could not help but fall in love with her sense of humour. Kumar kept 30 Rock’s two season aside and boy have we enjoyed watching each and every espisode of it. 30 Rock is an NBC sitcome that has just started with the third season and is modelled on Tina’s experience as a head writer for Saturday Night Live. 

Tina Fey has been much in news for resembling Sarah Palin. I must say she is much more than just imitating someone who might not be worth imitating after all. Any way as that is over, I must talk about 30 Rock. I just saw fourth episode of the third season. This show is her baby and she practically rules every bit of it. And the fun part is, majority of her jokes spring from her own psychotic behaviour. If at all we could call it that. 
Over eating, dressing up like a tom boy, being outregeously confident and still have weight issues, having no life beyond work, surviving on junk food and loving it, getting into fights for your favourites [books, movies, actors], finding it difficult to deal… sounds familiar? Well most of the things would to an independent woman and Fey gets the cake for driving her humour out of all this. 
And the fun part is, men love it too. In fact, I think men would find it much more attractive when a woman can let her ego barriers down and joke about herself and everything around her without losing her sense of respect for what she is doing or who she is. No wonder 30 Rock is winning every award for television for past two years. And yes, it is not about whims of a woman, but more about a chaoticly frantic and funny television crew at NBC where you could get kicks out of how they make fun of financial slow down, political issues, global warming along with every human quirk one could think of. 
And instead of praising the series or Tina Fey anymore.. I could just talk about how gorgeous and funny Alec Baldwin is. And as you let the series grow on you, how Kenneth’s gullible ways and totally out of his mind Tracey Jordan…every character would seem irritating and loveable at the same time. 
The episode poking fun at Liz Lemon (Tina Fey)’s obsession for Oprah or the one where her boss Jack Donaghi (Alec Baldwin)  has to work in Bush administration for some rainy days… the series actually seemed to represent the Art reflecting life of modern times.