Don’t consider my usually quirky blogs crazy, cause I’m going to talk about ‘garam pani’ today. Yes, luke warm, nearly hot water. It has been an integral part of our life together and Kumar thinks, knows, observes and chuckles as he sees me getting obsessed with how ‘garma pani’ can solve majority of problems as basic beginning of solving health related major or minor problems. 

He won’t be surprised if I would start bringing in ‘garam pani’ when I have arguments with people or feel that someone needs a good bashing. I’m sure in his mind he pictures me saying:

“Have a deadline at office? Have some garam paani..

Have a relationship conflict? Have some garam paani…
Have a problem with parents? Relatives? Neighbours? shopkeeper? milkman? Have some garam paani…
Dont know what you want to do in life? Have some garam paani…”

It is in common knowledge that starting your day with a glass of lukewarm water could really mean relaxed beginning of the day, you know what I mean… 🙂

Now there begins the fun of where all I bring in ‘garam pani’ …

I prefer a glass of lukewarm water when I have a headache or have just returned from out in the cold. 

I suggest a glass of ‘garam pani’ to myself, my family and friends in those moments of indigesion. (sometimes they really need it digesting my ideas and conversations and attempts of small talks)

I insist on ‘garam pani’ in cold or coughing or headaches – specially if I’ve caused them.

I force people – specially my mom – to have a glass of lukewarm water constantly as she loses her voice (just literally, and thank God for less chatter once in a while) because of throat problems. (No intention of making fun of it but garam pani actually helps, and if you trace back this obsession of where all it started, she is at the root of making me think that garam pani is good for my throat)

With its wonderful healing properties, I’m almost convinced ‘garam pani’ to be a cure to world climate change and global terrorism, financial recession…I once almost typed a letter to the US presidential elect…

As I’m nearly considering it to be ‘The’ placebo Kumar suggests how it should reflect on my orkut profile too. 

Here are some suggestions – 

Drinking – garma pani (obviously!)
Passion – Discovering various purposes of making people drink garam pani
Activities – Making garam pani
Music – the buggling sounds coming from boiling water
First thing you’ll notice about me – I’m offering to make garam pani for you or anyone present in my company
From my past relationships I’ve learned – Never force people to have too much of garam pani
Five things I can’t live without – Lukewarm water, warm water, boiling water, hot water and Kumar
In my bedroom you’ll find – a jug full of lukewarm water

PS – I’m waiting for some offers to endorse lukewarm water