Here are the few things I’m wondering about…and millions of Indians might be in a similar ‘wonder’land

– Why do we have to see a minute by minute account of a terrorist attacks, when it is obviously psychologically, emotionally damaging and hurtful?

– If that wasn’t enough, why do we have to see complete cremation ceremonies of people who lost their lives?

– Why did Barkha Dutt ask hurtful questions to a man’s personal loss and end with saying ‘I seem to have hurt you’?

– Why is out of control 24×7 coverage of all Hindi or English news channel encouraged? Why do people do not pay any attention to ‘boundaries‘?

– Would people of our country be so strong and alert to corner a terrorist and beat him personally before he could take position to fire a gun along with symbolic display of lighting candles?

– Do people shouting ‘Enough is enough’ know that there is no one who could put the situation right and there is no one to protect them and it feels like everything is in our own hands and nothing is in our hands?

– Are these wake up calls just another high scale political gimmick playing with people’s emotions?

– How come news headlines are dropping from ‘we need action’ to ‘we have few options’?

– So called citizen journalists are posting angry video messages on ‘news channels’, talking about how we need ‘anti-terrorist’ this and that…but where is this highly skilled manpower going to come from?

– Will handful of young guns of India join such defense and intelligence organizations and fight or their protest is just limited to lighting a candle?

– Are these same people who spit on the sidewalks, take and give bribes, waste natural resources and re-elect the same ‘netas’ everytime, ready to bring in some real change around themselves?

– Why is there no leader in sight today that India could vote for in the coming election?

– Could any number of rhetorical questions and screams for action make a difference unless we take collective constructive actions ourselves instead of asking incompetent politicians to do something?

– Why does it feel like there is no choice but wait till we all have a personal story of terrorism experience?

– I do have faith in goodness but how could I have faith in the system that has let us all down?

I wonder…