Yes, normal occasions like weddings still take place in India… And Salonee, an amazing friend and a beautiful human being is getting married today. Before I could get all dressed up for her wedding, groggy from a late night of Sangeet, I was blessed with a cold allergic attack. After mum and dad’s efforts of two hours, I could finally open my eyes and breath. And what finally calmed me down was a long gaze at my own wedding picture… I’m talking about this…

A huge version of this exists on my parents’ bedroom wall… and everytime the photographer and a good friend Praful Thakar visits our place, he also needs to gaze at it. So does a lot of other people.

Though it is just another wedding picture, it has gone to a few photography exhibitions too because of the amazing use of burning daylight here.

I didn’t intend to pose and was thankfully not made to pose for those ‘traditional’ wedding photographs (Read: adjusting your earings, showing off your mehndi, making curious hand gestures in the air). Rajwadoo provided to be an ethnic Indian backdrop with those golden reflections coming from the carved stones…

For more than a year, I’ve just glanced through the whole series of pictures, including this one, smiled when Kumar called it his favourite picture and moved on… But I never stopped and relish it as I did it today.

Its presence on the wall serves some symbolic purposes for my mother who always wakes up looking at my face since I was born. It reminds my father that I’m not there, but I’m happy.

I was surprisingly relaxed with my head on my shoulders. I’m glad I peeked into the future with a smile. It has been worth it.

Today, it made me stop sneezing. I’m ready for another wedding. This time it’s Salonee’s 🙂