My Dearest cell phone number, 

I saw you come to life (read: getting activated) while I was in college. Some friends saw you with awe and some taunted, why do you need a cell phone?Now the same people carry more than one phones but we never mocked them. 

We have been happy and sad together. Content and frustrated too. 

After that debacle of Alcatel model we switched to a polyphonic, colourful Nokia. We loved music. It was a shared passion. Remember you were the one who spread the message when I got my first job? You also helped me gossip. We never missed out on a good free SMS offer. After all those were the days when things were simple but expensive. Then came the Boom time. We switched to a fancy camera phone.

The world was perfect. Remember how we recorded Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke Hum Se Kuch Na Boliye…and putting it as ringtone

We spoke to some celebrities too. But I’m not expecting Maneka Gandhi or Yash Chopra to call back any more. 
Our world was focused on family and friends in last few months as Mom cared for you as her own. But you were still referred to as my phone. In your last days in the family, you kept me up to date with news concerning terrorism. You were always a fierce, brave phone number.

Today, you’ve changed hands…I don’t know where you are. Helpful customer care lady tells me that people were not careful with registering cell phones before 10 years so I might never get you back… 

Perhaps you are in hands of some worker or a college student. I don’t know if you dropped from my lap when I got out of the car or got stolen from the car or bag. I should have been more caring. But one thing I know is that you’ll always delve in my memories no matter how many other new numbers I get. If you continue to function, I wish you a healthy and happy existence.



–* After dramatic alliance for almost a decade, Pratiksha has lost her Indian cell phone. She’ll get back to her friends with the new number as soon as she recovers from the craziness that you associate with something like this.