Okie. Happy New Year. The new year doesn’t wait for anyone, least of all some blog posts. But I’m in a very serious mood this year. Perhaps, I’m watching too much of Grey’s Anatomy and just watched Ghajini last night.

I thought I wouldn’t do the nitpicking of the year gone by but the movie last night just triggered a lot of anger as Ghajini is sinking in. At first I tried to like it. It’s already declared the biggest hit of the year. On second thoughts I wanted it to be good. I heard them say Amir Khan had given a powerhouse performance. But since when Amir started giving powerhouse performances to poor but expensive and illogical remakes of the South Indian movies? On second thoughts, I saw Asin, a kinda breath of freshair. A cross breed between Sridevi and Amrita Rao. I pretended I liked the movie for a while. Well, I at least liked the light romantic part of it.
What is left? That poor oafy looking Ghajini – the villan. I mean even Mogambo and Gabbar didn’t have movies named after them. This guy gets the entire movie named after him and still manages to wreck it? He hasn’t actually wrecked it, Ghajini has raked in millions in the first week itself. It’s a super hit. In spite of Jia Khan or with Jia Khan. Well, who cares?
I don’t want to get started on Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. How can Aditya Chopra make a mess of a character and his split personality? If Suri was one of those stepping out of his mighty image thing for SRK, why was his alter ego Raj so irritating it makes you want to throw some popcorn on the screen? To think of it, I enjoy my popcorn. I don’t want to waste it on the movies that they made last year.
2008 has been a year full of mediocre movies barring rare Rock On!! or Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. I mean Golmaal Returns, Singh Is King and Jannat are supposed to be on the top 10 list? We thought Bollywood movie watchers had come a long way since we made Rang De Basanti and Munnabhai stuff.  A movie buff that I am, I would still keep watching the good, bad and the ugly ones (Though not the Ugly Aur Pagly kinds). But it has been one nasty year for the Hindi Philm Industry.
And if that is not all, the ‘feel good’ factor still remains in the Bollywood. Except abusing Shobhaa De (Even Sonam Kapur did it), they seem to be praising everyone and everything (Including bad movies and bad performances). When did this fraternity turned into Goodie Two shoes?
I understand the equations have changed. In the multiplex phase a movie doesn’t become a ‘silver jubilee’ but here a movie is declared a hit on the very second day. The desparation for verdict, the instant reviews, word of mouth, word of bloggers and word of websites and feature suppliment and a changed way of looking at trade results…  here is wishing all the best to Bollywood in the year 2009…