When things are not in your hands, you crib, get angry and go through that depression cycles… Denial, Bargain, Anger and Acceptance. I hope I got the order right. I recived this preaching at a funny phase in my life. But it has been applicable to a lot of diversity every since. Who knew that entire world will be facing a ‘depression’ soon…

I’m too ill-informed with a lot of half-baked ideas and knowledge to comment on depression across the globe, just like millions of clueless ones. (To think of it, some of them work in media too.) 
Satyam bomb got burst when I was in India last December. Denial followed. From day one, I was hearing, Satyam will bounce back soon. They’ll work hard and bring the firm back to the old glory soon. Blah.. Blah.. more blah…
Then came bargain. And came out some ugly truths. Mr. Raju accepted things and got a lot of people angry. Including Mr Narayan Murthy. I tried getting Mr Murthy on for an interview when he retired two years back, but never got through. I was too small perhaps. But this is  surely too big an issue for him, the whole world got to hear from him about Satyam scam and effects of such a failure on IT industry of India. While he made those statements, he seemed somewhere between anger and acceptance. Along with his literal better half Sudha Murthy (I’m a big fan of her writing), Murthys, they are a power couple of a different kind. 
Now, funny thing is, a new leak, a rumour, or official statement, it could be anything but some websites and papers report that Infosys would not ‘Poach’ from Satyam as Satyamites (I love the way suddenly suffixing ‘ites’ can make people ‘sound’ cooler and important). And the angry Satyamites are going through all those articles and leaving hundreds of comments and abuses for Mr Murthy.
Relax guys. Mr Murthy is just doing his job. And why don’t you focus your energy on finding something better for yourself or create it. Don’t they say India makes enterprenuers more than any other country? 
I’m no one to take sides here. My first dial up a decade back was Satyam. I loved it when two kites got me connected to the net for the first time. Today, my bread come from Infosys. But I’m still rationally looking at how being rational could have kept Raju away from scams and Satyamites away from desperate comments. 
We all want the depression to go. We all were angry, helpless. We still are. But we’ve accepted it somehow or the other. That nothing is as it was. And it can not be the same agian. A lot of water has flown down the rivers, a lot of snow has fallen and melted away. The old glory is not coming back. 
All we have is a new tomorrow.  That will come no matter how we cope with our denials and anger…