I saw The Bucket List yesterday. I’m too young to make one, or so do I think. The first thing on Morgan Freeman’s list is ‘Witness something really majestic’. Well, that is possible in lives of a lot of people if they really can understand or know and value the majestic. I haven’t sat and divided majestic things from the less majestic ones. But I just woke up to two news items that made me go Wow!

Here goes the first one… A R Rahama wins Golden Globe. I’ll wait till he gets nominated and wins an Oscar too for writing more on it. We don’t need to justify his greatness with all those awards. India has been lucky enough to experience his awesomeness over many many years. But we love it when such people go around the world and make their mark. And at this particular ceremony, you could spot not only Rahman, but Anil Kapoor and SRK too. Now that’s the first ‘wow’ moment on the list.
And the second one came right when I was planning to write a post about Rahman. I’m talking about this. We saw how twitter and facebook statuses could play a vital role, be it about voting last Novemeber or about terrorism, again in last November… did anyone say something about how you could just spend hours on these social networking sites without doing anything productive? Anyway, we do know what they are capable of too, the CNN-Facebook advertisement did make me go ‘wow’ for the second time in the morning. 
It’s just been half an hour since I’m up… bow-wow…
– A R Rahman picture taken from ndtv.com