Seth Godin has talked about the End of Newspaper Era in one of his blogs. How would a world without newspapers be? 

Though it doesn’t seem improbable enough as in spite of having worked closely with the print media for a long time, I’m living in a virtual newspaper world since past two years. But newspapers are woven in lifestyle in such a way that it will take the electronic media and internet a few more decades to completely have a paperless world. 
As I’m typing this I’m also thinking of the power of printed word and how in spite of availability of e-books, I still prefer to curl up with a book. I wonder if newspapers could be missed badly too? Seth’s analysis is bang on as he talks about how publishing houses can not afford what they are selling, but is electronic media completely ready and mature enough to take over newspapers and be the primary source of controlled information? 
Perosnally, I don’t prefer a paperless world. Let’s see what’s in store for us is written and reported and printed on paper or not…