I’ve never been good at making lists. I end up rambling on everytime. While I was writing today, a crazy idea visited my mind. I thought of making a list of movies I’ve seen so far. I’m sure there are better things to do with my time but I somehow wish that I had known all that I’ve seen so far. Why this sudden list-making feeling? Well, just for the fun of it.

Like books, movies leave a far reaching impact on you too, if you let them. And those are the ones you can watch again and again.
‘Repeat value’ of a movie is something which decides if a movie is an all time classic or not.
Who had thought that no-show at the box office movies like Lamhe or Ijazaat figure into favourite lists more often than Ghayal or Dil. But where are such subtle movies that shakes something inside you and makes you want to watch it again. We recetly saw Dil Chahta Hai and felt that the end of the movie dragged on and on. The fun things that we ROTFLed at time seemed only mildly comic after eight years. 
This brings me to the Hum Aapke Hai Kaun time. That was the first time I kept on hearing people talking about having seen it many times in theatre. They actually kept a count of M F Hussain’s threatre visits in the papers. I guess we all have a favourite list of movies that you can watch anytime, or at least fill up that box labeled ‘Movies’ impressively on any networking website. 
I’ve ended up watching many movies many times in theatre in past many years. But somehow we’ve reached a stage where movies don’t seem good enough to be seen the second time. 
In a strange way the post is leading me to write that I’m getting old and wise (at least movie wise). But like those really old people, when I really get old, I don’t want to sit back and crib that they don’t make them like the old times any more. 
I wish to see better movies as long as I keep getting older.
As for the list, in past ten days, this is what I’ve seen – Inkheart, Seven Pounds, Garden State, Fight Club, Slumdog Millionaire, Flavours and Bong Connection.