Well, I need not write another post about how dearest my phone number was, because it has come into present tense again. Thanks to my determined mother, my one and only number in India is back! (Shivli actually thinks my mom went to the Vodafone guyz with a gun, ‘meri beti ka phone number mujhe wapas de de Gabbar‘ style)

Sometimes you just love to fuss over things even if you know that you could have had a happy life with or without those things. 
Now that my old number is back, my eyes have a glee and I’m talking in a little coockoo voice even if I can just call on that number and not use it right now. 
I’ve been told to stay detached from worldly things over and over again by various spiritual and non-spiritual beings. But I’ve managed to stay attached to everything and everyone I’ve around and my phone number is a part of that jing-bang of my life. 
And I have to derive something out of the situation any how- 
1. If getting an old phone number is the only problem you can think of, things are not that bad. 
2. It is always worth cheering up for the trivial things in life. 
3. If you are thinking so much about a phone number, you need to seriously get back to work.
It’s a rainy day and after bunking gym and addictively listening to songs of Delhi 6, I’m about to finish Arvind Adiga’s the White Tiger and trying to think of different ways of wasting time before I can actually start working. Have a happy day ahead world…