Well, it is supposed to be the flavour of the season. But it gives you a feeling of being an over stretched episode of Sex and the City without the ‘za za zu’, you know what I mean. Or perhaps I just had high expectations because of the cast and the title and of course the publicity. 

When Miranda is waiting for a call back from an ordinary date, her gal pals consol her that he’ll call. At that precise moment, Carrie’s one of the serious boyfriends, Berger tells Miranda ‘He is just not that into you’. When I first heard it, it did sound like a breakthrough sentence. Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo managed to spin a book out of it and now we’ve this movie…
There is Jennifer Aniston, and then there is Jennifer Connelly and then there is Ginnifer Goodwin. We can not forget Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore either. All of them are confused, neurotic and clueless and all of them are advising each other. That does happen in the real world. On an ordinary day, if I had seen it on a DVD, I would pass it on as a cute romcom but it doesn’t tug at your heart. It just tries hard, but never reaches there.
The men are caricatures too. There are those who don’t want to get married, those who are not satisfied with their marriage and those who know better to fall in love and those who desperately want to be in love. Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper are passable while Alex Long is funny once in a while. 
The best part about the movie is the beginning where it just starts off telling the world how women are programmed to think about men. Though Indian concepts of relationships are totally not applicable here. Another scene that has stuck with me is when Connelly breaks a mirror. The Drew Barrymore scenes taking on irony of how technology has taken over our love lives are hilarios as well. The movie is not so bad, but there is something irritating ‘know-it-all’ about it which somehow puts me off instead of making me gush. 
Because no matter what Beger says or what the movie says, and the world keeps shouting that ‘he is not just that into you’, we all do go through the humiliations and learn to laugh at them. Just the way we laugh at a lot of scenes of the film.
PS: There is some mention of how and why majority of us end up being stalkers or be stalked, online or simply in the real world, at some point of time in our lives. This still remains an untapped subject. I look forward to more entertainment on this subject.