Listen to the songs of Delhi 6 and you feel like it is not only this year’s best but some of the songs have promise of passing into all time favourite lists. A perfect follow up album for A R Rahman with all the global success. But sadly, once you watch Delhi 6, all you keep thinking is, how can such a good music go to total waste.

Contrived and directionless are the words that suit Delhi 6. It has not utilized the cast, doesn’t utilize the music, doesn’t utilize the premises. 
Yes, you can enjoy some montage moments when Rahman’s tunes match with the scenic Chandni Chawk revelries. I’m sure the real Chandni Chawk has much more to offer than jalebis and communal harmony.
Looks like Rakeysh Mehra had a story in mind – An NRI guy at the heart of communal harmony and confusion in Chandani Chawk with the metaphor of Kala Bandar for the evil with in. Throw in some untouchable factor, some passive feminism and rest would fall in place. No doubt it sounds cool on paper. He thought of having a screenplay but decided that he couldn’t go wrong with this material. 
Or perhaps Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra had a screenplay and the Kala Bandar ate it. 
You can sit and find more faults. But if you’ve already seen the movie, there is no point wasting more time over it. Of course, you can sit and think of what all you liked about the movie. But end of the day, all was wasted. Cause you don’t know what drives our hero to sudden patriotism and everything is there just because director thought it should be there. The intension is of course good, but the movie bites more than it can chew… 
Sadly you can’t help watch the movie too. He did make Rang De Basanti. All said and done, if you do decide to watch Delhi 6, watching the song Massakali is as playful and lovely as it sounds.