All things Indian are in at the moment. I could feel that the first thing in the morning at gym here in Germany. I accidently did that Baba Ramdev fame Butterfly in the yoga area and I recieved a lot of smiles from my fellows. You can imagine that right? And yeah, I made sure to play Jai Ho loud on my iPod as well. 

What does Jai Ho mean is another much asked questions by those who are not just satisfied with the beats. After all the entire song has won loads of awards now including an Oscar. 
Jai Ho = Be Victorious. It is in Hindi with Sanskrit roots. However, you can interpret in the ‘peace’, ‘victory’ sorta way as well. 
Who knew a leftover song from Subhash Ghai’s Yuvraj could come so far. But then Shekhar Kapur rightly said, Slumdog Millionaire is not great cinema, but it is the movie whose time has come. And for A R Rahman, all I could say is: Thank You for the music… he deserves every inch of both those awards. Hope Gulzar saab gets to lay his hands on his award too. I wonder why didn’t he go to the ceremony too.
Mom tells me as per Indian papers, Sukhvinder had visa issues and Gulzar saab had his arm broken. (He also joked that he did’t have a suit.) Whatever it is, Rahman had his moment. Freida wasted hers. Let’s see where it all goes for the people involved with the movie.