We just woke up to a shiney morning today and the literal buzz in the air told us that Spring is here. It was nothing like waking up to white snow. I wrote that article about Spring cleaning last year for Femina but still somehow couldn’t relate to the actual feeling that we associate with Spring. Rather the actual feeling that one associates with Spring in the cold counties. You simply can’t feel the Spring without feeling the snow. 

Living in Ahmedabad made me run for shades. I’m not trained to find the sun. For major part of my life, I’ve been looking for the best possible sunblock and nothing has worked. But today, the Sun is un-blocked and with major population of Stuttgart out in the streets, I’m celebrating. This Sun has left me with this elated feeling after the damp days spent waiting for the snow to melt. 
We went to the Schloss, sat looking at the passing scene with a starbucks and coming back to find my mailbox stuffed with advetisements from garden maintaince tools. 
I don’t know how long will we be able to appreciate these seasons naturally with globalwarming gripping us grimly. But as of now, someone or something has un-locked the Sun for us…