Once upon a time, I went to Corso Kino and read a review of a movie pasted on it’s entry wall. I clicked a picture of that review (I later discovered it was my favourite Roger Ebert’s). Reading that review was engraved on my memory in such a way that I forgot which movie we had seen that day. But the review that I read was of this little movie called Once. I refered to it as a little movie movie just because of its budget. 

A few months later, back in India I saw the Oscar ceremony for 2007 and the best song award went to this ‘Once’ couple who sang ‘Falling Slowly‘. I was touched. I somehow couldn’t manage to bring myself to watch it. And now that I’ve seen it. I don’t know how many times would I want to go back to it. Everyone, well at least everyone interested, knows that it was shot with two hand-held camera in 17 something days in Dublin. And the aritsts featured in it (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova) had never acted before.
The guy is singing on the street and the girl notices him. They get talking and she discovers that he repairs hoovers, vacum cleaners. She has one, a broken one at home and she brings it to him for fixing it the next day. That second day, they go around, have lunch, go to a music store, play a song on that display piano, go to his place and all this while that broken hoover is dragging behind them. Now shall we call that a metaphor? (Though it has no relevance, but I still can’t say it enough the Kala Bandar sucks). 
As he fixes her hoover, their lives seem to stop sucking. The movie doesn’t take a single wrong turn. There were times when I was gripping my heart, mentally requesting them not to kiss and kill the moment. And they don’t. What binds them together is their music. And the music they make together leaves you with tears. It is difficult to get over Falling Slowly, and rest of the songs just make sure you love with the movie instantly and forever. You just can’t end at watching it once.