The more sitcoms I watch, the better I want them to be. It is surprising how 30 Rock doesn’t seem funny enough in the Season 3 after sweeping all the awards on the planet. (Though I think it must have been Sarah Palin act contributing to Tina Fey’s popularity to land her on the Oscar Stage) 30 Rock simply doesn’t rock these days even with Salma Hayek oomph. It just keeps on reworking on the stage it had set, and it doesn’t have to be new, but we don’t even seem to be getting those old, comfortable laughs….

At first after a long absence from the scene because of the pregnant leading ladies, How I met Your Mother seemed to be going the same way with a few not up to the mark episodes. I thought it’ll just have to survive with the Best Burger in New York legacy and it was so funny that nothing else could beat it.
Now finally, came the episode that I was looking for. The last episode of How I met Your Mother, titled ‘The Front Porch’ made me want to buy those night-shirts. Marshall aka Jason Segel has learnt to get so comfortable in the skins of his characters I want to rush to the theatre as soon as ‘I Love You, Man’ releases.
Of course there was this usual story of Lily trying to break Ted up with his girlfriends if she didn’t fit her ‘front porch ‘test’ with Robin’s show playing on mute in the background. But sometimes the sidetrack comedy simply sidelines the main plot and the story is shadowed with Marshall and Barney flying in those relaxing pyjamas. Now its my turn to fly…