About three things I am certain.
First, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan romance is refreshing since Lizzy Bennett and Mr Darcy.
Second, there is a part of me, and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be, that doesn’t think Twilight is a superlative work of literature.
And Third, I am unconditionally and irrevocably addicted to Twilight.
I started off with the movie and was left dissatisfied (bad make up, special effects and more). But I did catch up with Robert Pattinson phenomena. Hope New Moon and Eclipse would turn out to be better movies. 
I finished reading four books in three days. I was still reluctant in admitting that in spite of over used adjectives and too much of Edward Cullen admiration, the romance was fresh. It was easy to find faults with the book. But I realized that the positive aspects are so strongly written it does rise above average success.
Though this supernatural teen romance spread over four book isn’t consistently good. Sometimes Stephenie Meyer is extra ordinary with her characters, and yet, what happens to them seem too convenient. The premises are promising and loop holes are scattered everywhere. But the heart of the story is in the right place. That is what works. I kept on wondering why does it have such an appeal, and reluctantly moving beyond biases I realized it was the simplicity, happily ever after effect and eternal romance that make it work.
I’m also quite taken in with this whole hoopla around Robert Pattinson. Poor guy has become the shiny new toy of Hollywood that everyone loves to ‘scream at’. The kind of music he plays, the kind of movies he has landed up with goes well with his neurotic persona. There is a similarity in success of Twilight and Rob Pattinson, the series and the man are a queer combination of routine gelled with unique attributes. 
I would love to do a book by book analysis here, but it has already interrupted my Woody Allen series and I would not want to interrupt that for now. Work and vacation both are taking a different turn now that I get to spend a whole uninterrupted month with Mom and Dad in Stuttgart. Excited!