It has been a while since I wrote here, But it has been worth the while, at least for me. Mom and Dad are here. I don’t know if any other time would ever compare to the time I’ve had this month. We are practically looking up for every sight and stone associated with World War around Stuttgart and this part of Germany. I must say we’ve made it to quite a few places in a short time. Dachau concentration camp and Birkenkopf top that list. Heidelberg is a pleasure as usual. And now we’ve Karlsruhe, Lake Constance and Black Forest on the cards. And in between, I had a super birthday. Though I wrote a tweet about it, I would love to repeat that I am going to stop aging. Or at least would try to. 🙂

Along with random hours of work, laughing at reading chapters of Bill Bryson’s Notes from the Big Country in between, eating mom-made stuff (Kumar has promised us a photo blog on that one) and looking at dedicated Dad working from here is a treat.

I can not not mention yesterday’s election results. I’m pleasantly surprised. I was expecting another jumble but was wishing for a smooth sail for anyone. I was also wishing there was an absentee voting system, cause I can surely not afford to fly just to vote. Many of my friends haven’t voted for various reasons like ‘I don’t like politics’ and ‘I’m angry with netas‘ and wot not. But these are the reasons why they should vote. Any way, the result seems fair enough. Though I’m neither anti nor pro Modi, I feel content that his autonomy can not go far from where it is now.

Right now, Dad is writing his election cover story for Kolkata Halchal, Mum is reading Jackpot (Gujarati translation of Q&A, the book that Slumdog Millionaire is based on), Kumar is reading Suketu Mehta’s Maximum City and I’m just trying to feel the worth for a while…