I remember a conversation with my professor Ranjana Harish, the more you travel the more you learn about how way of life changes as you move from mile to mile. It is not something new, but every one seems to be suddenly traveling a lot. And it is a very good thing. We do live in a smaller world. Nothing seems far off….except home. Mom and dad are packing their bags to go back home, you can imagine the pull I’m feeling right now. They had brought Ahmedabad to me here in Germany for a while…

On and off you end up reading sentimental post here which simply means ‘aww I miss Ahmedabad’. I often decide to be less sentimental at this place, may be that would have to wait. After a random conversation today I realized that I can finally say after a decent bit of traveling, I’ve seen a lot of changes and a lot of life but everything seems to make me yearn more for my city. Perhaps because that is the place that has showed me a lot of life. Other places seem to be adding to the picture that was roughly sketched there. I can frankly say that to me life in restrospect feels much more advanced, safe, elevated, full of energy in Ahmedabad and I’ve some how missed that in some of the larger and richer places. Perhaps I can imagine similar energy in some of the other cities of India.
Any way, after talking of my own roots, I’m preparing to visit roots of culture and literature. Yes, I’ll be in Athens next week. Ahmedabad of my mind can make some way for some Plato, Aristotle and some Greek Tragedies. As of now, I’ll be dealing with an immediate tragedy, of packing bags that is going to leave a hole in my life again.