Lots of things happening.. Or perhaps I should be singing my Ghulam Ali favourite – Dil Mein Ek Laher Si Uthi hai Abhi… 

First of all, mom and dad have peacefully reached Ahmedabad after having a blast in Dubai. I couldn’t have had more energetic time here in Stuttgart. There is something very electric about having Mum around and something very sincere about Paa that makes you want to be better. hardworking, alive and what not. And I am not just saying this because I’m related to them. Okie, I know you are getting a cavitie but a girl has to say what she is feeling right now (or all the time).
Secondly, this whole Air France flight was a scary business. I followed the news reluctantly but people travel by air all the time, and one such incident in a decade leaves you questioning about everythinng in the world, specially if your family is air travelling that very night. (Even Kumar was on a flight to Brussels). He practically takes 20 flights a month and there couldn’t be a safer way of travelling. We were talking about how more number of people get affected by road accidents, but because of the unusual horrors involved, airplane accidents are scarier. As they say, time makes you forget a lot of things, I’m not a worrier, nor do I pray (unless I’m using it as an expression), all I can do is keep my fingers crossed as a gesture when someone boards a flight for the next few days. We do have short attention span and memories, specially for disasters. 
What’s more, I’m enjoying my last few days in Germany. It has been a quiet and secluded time for me here but I’m making the most of the time left without hesistating in taking off to Konig Strasse in a while. I do intend to finish my Woody Allen series, start a new series reviewing Romantic Comedies and intend to have as many movie reviews as possible. It is difficult for me to be formal on blogs or in life (unless you count the endless and useless sorries and thank yous that I use in conversations). I’ve tried to combine some of my old blogs on  https://pratikshathanki.wordpress.com. But still http://o3.indiatimes.com/pratiksha, from my most productive time, is not added there. I will find a way to have all my blogs in one place soon. Till then I’m off to get a haircut and write some Gujarati pieces… singing Koi Taaza Hawa Chali Hai Abhi