Let’s face it. Being politically correct and emotionally charged at the same time is a tough call. Especially if you are making a movie for Indian audiences. When people have a serious issue based subject, a big banner and budget to die for, why not stick to the guns instead of adding all the masalas. I’m talking about Kabir Khan’s New York.

Making a movie about wrongly accused innocent people suffering at the hands of FBI could have been a heart-wrenching piece. But it feels like New York at the end of the day just wants to be a cool issue based movie that wants to get talked about by collegians.

First thing first, it treats FBI as if it were police of Indian movies that arrives late on all occasions. Every person, organization even nation makes mistake. Roshan, the FBI officer played by Irrfan Khan says that himself. This means, filmmakers are allowed to make mistakes too. The movie begins nicely and keeps you happily engaged till the interval. So much so, your expectations have gone up a bit. But suddenly the second half the story is in a free fall with the preachy Muslims – Amreicans bhai bhai scenes. Okie, we know the makers are out with good intentions. But that is not enough to turn it into a great movie. When your protagonist has turned a terrorist after a trauma, he can not be glorified for the heck of it.

Purely from the artistic view point, when you name a movie after a city, at least the director should make sure the city turns out to be a character in the film and not just a fancy backdrop with trendy clothes of eye candy protagonists.

But then I’m thankful for the eye candy part of the protagonists. Else it would have been a bit painful to sit through really bad acting and a plot moving to a nowhere land. Katrina Kaif and John Abraham could have had more defined characters and relationship. The only scene that has stayed with me is Neil Nitin Mukesh dancing on a shady streets with Katrina while singing Zindagi Khwab Hai, Khwab Mein, Jhooth Kya, Aur Bhala Sach Hai KyaNew York is unconsciously trying to target that gray area of life. And needless to say it is way off the mark.