In last few days, every time I sat down to write, some other random thought came in and I ended up over-writing the thought already under process. Getting hit with normal flu in a Swine-flu hit city, wondering what could be the extent of builder community’s ‘Kaminapan‘, missing my gymming (should start with that soon), wondering how it used to feel like, being fearless of messy ideas. Ironically, this over-writing has sort of created an inexplicable, confusing, inky mess of thoughts. Before I add some more thoughts to that, I should simply unwind it with all those movie-titles and words I can still figure out. I’ll start in reverse.


This ‘fatak‘ film is not for everyone who can step inside the theaters. It either takes a special taste of movies or just decent ability to think. And still, it is not a movie that preaches and makes statements. Every statement it makes is through an action sequence, a piece of music, an incident, a relationship. The world of Kaminey is in utter chaos. So is ours.

Love Aaj Kal

Now here is a movie that preaches and preaches and preaches about understanding ‘love’. Wait, it is just Saif and Rishi Kapoor doing that. But boy it was a lot of Saif on screen. Deepika Padukone was quite endearing with that Hema Malini, Sridevisque Southie dialogue delivery. The music is foot tapping. It is entertainment all the way.

Ice Age III –

Now this is what I call living life dangerously. The dinosaurs are back and so is all the fun with Sid. Manny is going to have kids and it is just so full of life. Kinder-tainment doesn’t get better than this.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince –

The very fact that I am not writing a separate post for it spells some level of disappointment. The movie was good. But boy it was tooooo late. Why couldn’t it simply come out when every one was waiting for it. They practically showed the whole film in teasers over a year. And why in the name of you-know-who they had to add that burning of the Burrows scene? Why did they screw up Harry-Ginny romance in such a twisted way? It was still a good movie. After all it was a potter-film. But they just leave me wishing for more. But then movies have never lived up to books.

Now all it took me to feel fearless again is to reach the end of this blog post. I may write again about Kaminey and Half Blood Prince, but as of now. I’m going to wallow in all the care that comes along with falling ill.