Before something happens (like my internet crashes, or electricity goes puff, I think of a book and get away, BJP gets more damaged, another stupid comedy releases in Bollywood after Daddy Cool, Life Partner, Love Khichdi or something like that, I get distracted… you get the point…) I need to finish this blog.

Before I end up writing another Hotch Potch kinda thing, I need to get to the point too. I did seem to have one. Meanwhile I was caught reading Deathly Hallows and watching Half Blood Prince again. But after that I’m reading some other beautiful books worth separate posts.
Pune and I were almost struggling to like each other. We’ve entered the mutual admiration stage now it seems. Builders and Rickshaw wallahs are the kamineys for me along with the flu virus that seem to be tainting the otherwise beautiful city. Yup, builders cause got an awesomely beautiful house here. In fact the surroundings are so breathtaking if you’ve made it to Mulshi dam or Lavasa. Glad I made it there at least.
Nature made a divine intervention and the city started growing on me. A few night outs, lots of good food and I can already pictured myself writing an I-Love-Pune blog.
A lot is brewing along with my new found addiction to Oats (How did I reach there?). Stay tuned, if you are tuned here at all, the place is about to explode with posts…