Warning: I could easily laugh this subject off, take-it-easy as they say, but thinking about it seemed like a good warming up exercise before I start actually writing.

It is easy to belong to a group. But it is not that easy to not be a part of a group and still be around its members. I generally avoid to touch the subject, but last night, my mind was whirling around religion after some recent conversations.

They say religion is the opium of the people, Marx surely said and seemed to believe in it. When I am faced with a swig, I generally pass it. But I must say I can not help being the passive smoker. And as the side-effect of it all, I’ can not help getting the subject. I generally prefer non-committal nods and smiles. But sometimes those on a religious high, end up getting disappointed or impatient with me. I prefer my sanity or the insane version of it. I make my own religion.

Ironically, you would be considered rude, opinionated (there is a lack of swear words for non-religious people) or ungrateful if you do not agree to such religious dogmas. Be thankful to God, what good you have and if you are not well, wait for him to solve your troubles.

Why wouldn’t they let you take credit for your hard work, blood boiling, wrong choices and perspiration and spare you the burden. Can’t simple ’cause’ and ‘effects’ be good explanations?

I could entirely avoid the subject, but I owe this to my love of analogy. I might be able to throw that smoke from my lungs that I inhaled as the passive smoker remember?

It feels like religion and god as these masses represent them, are functioning like a business or an industry. This industry caters to people’s fears, wishes, troubles, other emotional needs or inexplicable circumstances. And the beauty is, this business does not guarantee any results. It is allowed to be ambiguous in the name of keeping the faith. How I wish people could show more faith in themselves, take responsibilities for their actions, the good ones and accept the faults and be done with it? Why are we so egoistic that we need an outer entity to blame or take responsibilities for our actions?

I somehow feel it is possible to have faith, respect, integrity, honour, self-respect and a lot of good and bad things in life, even if you do not have any particular form of God, demanding your time, money (oh you would need a lot of it in this business), emotional and physical involvement.

While making ample use of words like ‘pray’, ‘touch wood‘, ‘keeping fingers crossed’, ‘best of luck’ and more from that family, I wonder if in desperation to seek solutions to all our troubles, are we mistaking ‘chance’ with ‘almighty’ and it has been all snowballing into one entity of Mr. God? And I should refrain from suggesting if God could be a woman. Perhaps at the end of the day it is all just a matter of perspective.

It is a gray area. But I am glad a decent part of world population has experienced this gray area where reason is more threatening than religion. It gives me the freedom to chose not to smoke and avoid passive smoking as well.