Sometimes I really wonder if my yearning-for-Ahmadabad posts and poems are becoming more soppy. At least they feel entertaining and overly sentimental in retrospective. But then all good and bad writing comes out of powerful, overwhelming feelings. 

Internet is another overwhelming thing for me. I’ve not been able to get over the amazement even after all these years of constantly being online. Just like a lot of people around the globe, I’ve been wired (sometimes on a wifi) for the past whole decade. I’ve never shied away from putting my pictures or sharing personal details apart from drawing a certain line barring the nuisance. Sharing your identity over the Internet requires a judgment call and common sense like most other decisions in life. 

Recently, I had one of my first bitter unprofessional experience through a website. With more spams and cheaters flooding the net, your real credibility would have a dark cloud looming over it. You may not be good enough if you are present on certain portals. What is too casual or too formal? And what if you haven’t updated your profile in a while? What if your boss is following you on twitter? I used to find Shashi Tharoor’s tweets pretty intriguing. But then, I was waiting for it to get into news for the wrong reasons. It did, and sooner than expected.

To experience the best side of the web, you sometimes end up with rude shocks. But that is the chance you have to take. But it does make sense to adjust the line to keep your online credibility intact.