Okie, what’s wrong with critics? They’ve never been anyone’s favourites, but everyone, from self-proclaimed, hottest movie websites, to every rag that gets printed has movie critics, giving their two cents, but these days they seem to be giving out too many stars along with their two cents.

Majority of movie publicity campaigns are designed with these reviews in minds. Some of these reviewers want to be in good books of bigger production houses (who knows they might end up to be directors some day), while some of them can’t give out a contradicting opinion when the big guns have given their reviews. The situation is really getting out of hand though as more and more movies are falling at the box office in spite of those four and five stars.
Kurbaan might be the first Dharma production dud at the box office as it has already got a bad opening at the BO. Good reviews won’t be able to save it from the damage. After Khuda Ke Liye last year, every production house in India seems to have launched a global terrorism based movie.
And how do people judge these movies? They say performances are great. Sadly, all that shows on the screen is how hard they’re trying and failing at giving a great performance. Saif and Kareena are the two most unlikely people ever to look like ‘professors’ who are supposed to rapidly fall in love and move to the US. One of the ‘professors’ already had been living there, and doesn’t seem to have a single friend or a colleague who might be aware of her.
The secret terrorists have already blasted a plane in the next half an hour but they don’t know how to hide a woman body they’ve killed since past many days. It has the usual loop holes that crowd almost every terrorism based movie that has come out of India except those rare few like Roja or Black Friday.
To top it all, because it stars a high profile couple, in the midst of forced situation, they have to have a love making song. A TV reporter who has interviewed so many people in Iraq gets involved with terrorists and no one in the terrorist group recognizes him till the end. Apparently the terrorist must think that watching TV or keeping a tab on the world, is a waste of time, let’s just make bombs on the basement, eat biryani and beat our wives while the filmmakers think that we’re making a serious contribution to cinema.
Since past many of my forays of watching these four and five starred movies that have left me bitter and angry with a severe headache. Forgetting wasting a blog post on it, some of them don’t seem to deserve a tweet either. And the reviews also mention that Kurbaan is not for everybody. As if.