Seriously, what is it about the snow that it is so poetic and piercingly dreadful at the same time? In past two-three years spent roaming around Europe gave us no idea of what snowed in could mean, until last weekend.

And we were out at the time we were supposed to be sitting inside, sipping a hot chocolate, looking outside the window at the noise that snowflakes make as if existing inside the pages of a novel.
However, we were travelling on almost the most snowy day of Germany on a not so novel errand. The winter is coldest in past half a decade and as we took off to a trip to Stuttgart from Munich, I came across various levels of snow. After already embarking on the trip I came to
know that there was a blizzard warning. Now, BBC news kept telling us that UK was known for not dealing with snow nicely, but Germany is systematic in this matter as ever. And that means, we generally find the walk-ways cleaned up and one can mostly walk around, enjoy the beauty of looking at the trees, white meadows and talking about it rather than slip around. I’m still looking forward to the experience of driving safely in snow.
Certain Bavarian plains were so white, they practically looked like snow sea. And the only people walking around on that weekend were the ones who were taking their dogs out on a compulsory stroll, even unplanned travelers like us were inside a warm train compartment. I’m assuming that those who were walking their dogs on days as cold as last Saturday had to have other reasons to be out.
And it had been snowing since past four days. And finally after asking for it on the Facebook status (should I assume expressing wishes there could
make them come true? Is Facebook status message a thing like throw a coin and make a wish fountain?), today, I saw the sunshine for the first time in the new year. Though the temperature is still below zero and outside the snow is glistening. I’m about to go out again. After some frivolous snowy thoughts, it is time to step outside the pages of a story book, for another errand…