I was wondering if there is any other way, than learning the hard way…but then it is just a matter of choice of words, perspective, what is easy for me, might be hard for you and visa versa. Too many fundas before morning coffee Pratiksha. Come to the point.

Twitter is very distracting. I want to follow this sentence up by saying ‘I still love it’, but not after making the mistake of following too many Bollywood celebrities out of enthusiasm. Every time I log in, it feels like I’m witnessing yet another movie promotional ad or read the ramblings of the so called creative minds whose final products aren’t that impressive either these days. By the time you make it to the end of the list, you’ll be exhausted and there will be already a few tweets in waiting…I’m out of there…unfollowing (dictionary should think of adding it as a word) every single ranting celebrity. Wait a minute, I’m just out of that celebrity list, I’m still very much online and tweeting…
On second thoughts, with all the ego-massaging, fake friendships, illusions, marketing and phantom activism, it has ended up becoming a parallel universe, a replica of the real world.
Where is the learning part of it? Well, the lesson is, that no one had invited me to follow all of them. And the choice lies in my hands, fingers to be precise. I don’t have to check it ever so often, and let it occupy the mental space that is urgently needed. And after learning my lesson, finding the right path, (Without RTing Paulo Coelho or rants of pop novelists) I chose to just follow my selected friends and there are variety of ways to be in touch with them. I love every aspect of the Internet, in fact I’ll be one of those fools who are emotionally attached to the technology. But I’ve had enough of distractions from it.