Oscar nominations are out again. And like every year Paa and I have dissected most nominees and had our ‘Didn’t I tell you so’ smugness about a few of them.

Some like Cristoph Waltz nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for Inglorious Bastereds are ‘almost set in stone’ while I’m most surprised at Anna Kendrik’s landing an Oscar nomination for Up in the Air. The movie releases in Germany next week and I’m sure to watch it as soon as it does. But Anna Kendrik surely has hired herself one good agent, or is she simply starring in the right movie at the right time? I’m pleasantly surprised as earlier all I remembered of her was playing a groupie to Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchisee and now she has risen above all of them. She is surely not winning (Just look at the other Best supporting actress category performances), but she will at least be Oscar nominee forever now.
This surely is the time of Meryl Streep but some how, Oscar seems to honour people in the ‘whose turn is it now’ fashion along with good performances. They say this year it is Jeff Bridges’ turn before he retires and all that. These awards are by no means flawless, but there is something special about the air and the legacy.
It is also nice to see Up in the best film category. The competition is quite tough there. And they’re very unlikely to make it but they already have the best animation film in the kitty. My poor Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is nominated for best Cinematography, as if they needed any other nominees with Avatar standing right on the top of the list.
Oh, I’ve arrived at Avatar. I loved it, but I stand by Roger Ebert it is phenomenal but not the best this year. Between Up and Avatar, it has been quite a year, the year year of the 3D in fact. Let’s hope they adapt the new technology to tell some better stories next year.
There are no Indian connections to nominations this time. Perhaps, no Anil Kapoor woops in the ceremony either. Though I’m sure in the coming days some costume designing, graphic designing connection will come out in the news for the Indian Ego Satisfaction. All I pray is that they don’t try and remake Avatar.
Any way, it’s time to make a new movie schedule for February that doesn’t clash with deadlines…