Funny how industry works…I’m in total anticipation of what turns this SRK-Sena controversy will take. I’m a big fan of not taking sides, but I’m a big fan of SRK too. He is neither the best actor nor all his movies appeal to me. But there is something unusual about his persona and ambition and the urge to prove himself combined with wit that makes him a favourite in many quarters.

Though he has sailed through many blunders and controversies in the past, this time around it feels like a tough road ahead. And the good or the bad part here seems to be that he is unlikely to yield and I wish that hard work of hundreds of people behind a movie doesn’t suffer because of that.
As SRK has been very media friendly, there are no doubts he will have enough backing, but surprisingly, Amitabh Bachchan has preferred a weird time for showing sympathies towards Sena people. Shiv Sena and other political parties following the same lines have their agendas clear and have blind supporters. They are strangely pitted against a guy who defies religious and political framework.
What purpose does it serve to burn effigies outside his house? Is there no other way to show protest? And SRK is neither the first nor the only one who has said what he has said. Then why just him?
A guy who comes from an Indian film institute, rises on his own verbal talents and making important relationships with the right people (everyone knows how pally he is with the Gandhi scions Rahul and Priyanka).
Though he is in the entertainment industry, Shahrukh’s success can be a matter of studying in classrooms (Mind you I mean his rise to the cult level and not recommend many of his lame movies). He has been bold to an extent of stupidity, and there are equal number of people who love to hate him. But the guy has stuck to his guns and made a space for himself in cinema history without pretensions.
Though we like to write him down while comparing him with Amir Khan or Amitabh Bachchan, but neither of them have guts that SRK has shown many times over. I wonder if he apologises to Sena, what purpose would it serve?

If the movie will be good, it will do fine at the box office no matter what controversies surround it. But hope Sena people realize it that this particular controversy is making even a bigger hero out of SRK.