A very thoughtful Facebook status message has triggered too many thoughts in the morning that started with overdose of news related to movies and immature political banter.

Seriously feel ashamed of some recent issues and the media space they have been getting. But then, this has been the case since past many many months now with one pseudo issue after another crops up making mockery of the real issues in India. But then this is the time of soft news and features.
Here goes the quote shared by the BTW mag’s editor Mr. Hiren Kuamr Bose, from John Kampfner, author of Freedom for Sale, who was recently in Mumbai, said, “I’ve come to think of it as the pact, the willingness of intelligent, well-to-do people to trade certain liberties in return for the promise of either prosperity or security. We have allowed freedom to recast as a vehicle to deliver consumption. But it is much more than that, and if we forget it, we will all be the losers.”
This makes a much more large scale point focused on democracies of the world, but I end up taking the universal towards the individual and realize how it is befitting to not only countries but many individuals.
But don’t we all trade something valuable in order to get some other valuable thing at that time, without realizing that result of that trade may be much different from what we foresee. Some people trade their hourly freedom to their employers, some trade spending time away from loved ones in order to get broader experiences and achieve financial independence. Isn’t every dealing personal, professional or political, a kind of trade of something or the other?
Sometimes you really don’t want to trade your questions for answers, cause answers just take the edge of the questions…