Too many food related shows are doing rounds of Indian satellite TV. And compulsive foodie that we are, we make sure to catch them. In fact I must say, I’m compulsive about food and hubby is obsessive about the food shows. And the fun part is, some of them are hosted by some of the stupidest people around.
And here are some gems from such hosts..
Chef – now add some neem pattas..(curry leaves)
Host – woww!! neem is my favourite, i just love neem..(Christ!! I can’t imagine someone can have such a fetish for Neem! As far as I remember, unless in a chutney people prefer to fish out neem patta or curry patta from their sambar or daal and sometimes from upmas too. Generally, they’re found on the corners of the dishes…but well apparently this overtly chirpy woman lurrves them..way to go Neem!)
Now there is a difference in Cricket commentary over the radio and on TV. You don’t have to say everything that happens on the grounds. Same way, the text recipes, on the Internet or in print, are full of details. But when the show is on the TV, it’s surely not for the blinds. Still you end up with scenes like:
Chef is slicing the tomatoes
Host: So now he is slicing the tomatoes. (dude, we can see that)
Chef adds tomato slices to the pan
Host: Now the tomatoes are added in the pan.. (someone please give him a script, or something like that. (But I just realized, they make movies worth crores without scripts, this one is a mere time filler TV show)
And those who try and say something besides what the chef is doing often don’t seem to know what they are saying.
Just now we saw a woman witnessing recipe for a sheeshkebab went ga-ga after the kebabs were in the tandoor and exclaimed – “The whole putting the marinated meat inside the pre-heated tandoor is the secret behind great tandoori recipes.” – Oh really!!
If your show doesn’t include all that mind numbing chatter, and the food seems possibly as good as it looks on the screen, the show is surely worth a few minutes. Now not all of them are dumb. There used to be one show with Tarla Dalal and Sudhanshu Pandey that has really left some fond memories. I’ll blindly watch or make any recipe of Sanjeev Karpoor’s too. There is this raw, highly passionate but totally crazy chef known as Vaahchef, who is fun to watch and often pretty good at what he does (though don’t go by his measurements).
Kunal Vijaykar in The Foodie on Times Now is pretty good too. And any food or life-style thing with Vir Sanghvi or Vinod Dua is highly informative and not just what you call ‘time-pass’, though the intention is precisely of doing that while watching them. High Way On My Plate used to be a lot of fun too but they digress too far and too much these days…
And for those fond of continental cookery shows must catch a bit of Jamie Oliver – Oliver’s Twist fame. Now that is one guy who knows what he’s doing and it is way too much fun to watch him in the kitchen.
Ironically, those dumb anchors hovering around the chefs get to eat all those amazing looking dishes. Most of them would rather look far better eating their words…