We just came home after watching a movie, blissfully thinking about following up with my builder’s people in Pune on Monday. It took a lot of time to associate the concept of home with Pune and I eventually did it in such a way that the Pune-home has come in my mind to Germany. Yes, Pune is my home, second or third? It doesn’t matter. The sentence dropped a truck sized brick in the stomach the moment Kumar logged on after returning home and said, ‘There was a bomb blast at German Bakery’.

Not a day passed in Pune when German Bakery was not talked about. Everyone and anyone who has spent a considerable time in Pune has some memory of German Bakery. Wasn’t it just yesterday when my friend Navjot and I roamed around the whole Koregaon Park, paid a fine for parking in no-parking, bought our obligatory Osho Chappals and tried those Blueberry Cheese cakes and Muesli shake and raved about the ambiance? Didn’t we all discuss about was the place worth the hype and how it grows on you once you start frequenting it. Didn’t it give you a very different, non-stereo typical feel of the unusual Pune?
That might be yesterday, but such discussions won’t be possible tomorrow. Or looks like for a long time now. German Bakery as we knew no longer exists. Terrorists have seen to that. We were all so busy in making sure that everyone gets to watch a movie and satisfy our ego and restore our democracy or prove some points that we sort of forgot that other things were happening somewhere as well.
We can surely donate blood, spend time in research, light candles, show solidarity, not spread panic and help in any way possible but why doesn’t a single option occur to anyone that such things could be controlled, stopped. Why does even asking the question seem so unreasonable?
I don’t know if any commoner could have done anything about it and the weight on every thinking Indian’s mind, right now or whenever acts of terrorism occur, is perhaps caused by that helpless feeling. That ominous feeling is back. Why doesn’t feeling helpless ever feel familiar?
photo credit- punesite.com