Without making it a mushy or bitter point of view, Pritish Nandy has written a beautiful piece about love in the TOI supplement today. Click here to read it.
He says he’s neither the candy-floss romantic nor spiritual. And I was completely taken in when I read, “The problem with love is that it’s actually synonymous with life. The day you stop falling in love is the day you might as well say quits to life and go on that much deserved teerth pilgrimage your great grandmother used to talk so much about….It’s (Love is) better than nicotine, alcohol, smoking up and infinitely more cool…. it keeps the adrenaline rushing. it challenges your otherwise humdrum life and answers all the metaphysical doubts that reading Camus or Kierkegaard may have induce in your intemperate adolescence.”
It’s a weird Valentine’s day where I’m annoyed with both the kinds, those who keep insisting that everyday is a Valentine’s day for them and they should declare it to their loved ones all year round and blah blah. And those who drown in all the Valentine’s day noise with candy hearts. There are still those who complain it to be a ‘Western’ tradition, and those who complain it’s not even a Holiday!! But the day is there, it exists and gives us an occasion to celebrate love…why not just play along?
There has to be a middle way of celebrating love, a bit more sane, obsessive yet lets you wake up with your mind intact, consuming but setting you free at the same time? Making you miss heart-beats and triggering a thousand thoughts never heard of before?
Not everyone has a life that allows them to sit around and blog about love on Valentine’s Day. Hell, people lose their lives while getting coffee and sandwich. If you are still tweeting and blogging, you better enjoy a Valentine’s Day and every other option life throws at you to enjoy!
Now that’s how I’m feeling today. And Nandy sums it nice and proper: “For love is not a one-time deal you cut with God. It’s the jackpot you hit every time you are brave enough to risk all, take all…”
Photo credit: Kumar Palan, he convinced me that Tulips are in this year…