Well, I did come out of denial and blues. After experimenting with a lot of new style-sheets the old one started looking a bit grim. Here we are, babbling amidst new colours, but we are still not lost for words…

I’ve to sit down and list the things I’m yet to blog about…There is a real treat for those who like to read about books as here are the blog posts in making:
David Gilmore’s The Film Club, a work of non-fiction.
Ellen Feldman’s The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank, a fictional novel spin off
Margaret Atwood’s Wilderness Tips
Long standing Woody Allen series posts with his short story collection Mere Anarchy
Julia Child’s My Life in France
Knowing me, I am more likely to write about something completely out of the line and list. Yet I am hopeful impressions of these books will find place in this new style-sheet for sure…