In 1999, I saw my professor read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. She was recently divorced and going through an emotional upheaval. At least that was the objective reason I had come around for her as our class was a humble ventilation for her anger for three years. I visited her after a few years. She had got more angrier. I wonder how many self-help books had she read in the mean time.

I’ve come across many who vouch by ‘the secret’ and other new age philosophies. But at the end of the day, it is a big enterprise. A business of selling positivity in a stressful world. An optional answer, which you can chose or ignore, it will not make much of a difference in your life.
In Unterhaching library, in past two months, I’ve come across some really antic books I thought just existed in rare collections. But amidst the gems, I found a shiny cover. I passed it by for many days. But eventually curiosity got better of me.
I ended up checking out ‘Why Men lie and Women Cry’. My genuine literature profs, parents and dear hubby must not misinterpret. I’m perfectly sane. Or so I think.
But the book isn’t. Just while flipping the pages you’ll find every section is brimming with sentences like ‘why men don’t pay attention’, ’10 things that irritate women most about men’, ‘women’s tears and emotional blackmail’… and if that was not enough. There are researches and cases quoted in every page. And to make it further dumb, it has doodles and unrealistic psychoanalysis.
Generalization and stereo-typing at its best, I’m surprised there is no end to such books. Who exactly gets ‘help’ out of it is beyond me. Oh, I forgot… Allan + Barbara Pease, the authors of this ‘New International Bestseller’ are at the winning end. And I must add, theirs is not the worst of the lot.
And for the man-woman issue, if you need a book like this to solve your problems… Google might give better answers to what’s wrong with you… 😉