Woke up to the tweets of one of my favourite person on Twitter, Pritish Nandy, ranting about how Rakhi Sawant will be considered a bigger star than Madhubala because of sheer information available about her on the net. He had several more comparisons in the same line like Bieber will be more popular than Beethoven and so on.

Internet does run our lives these days. At least past entire decade of my life will be a blank or a blur without the net. And people my age would have similar things to say. But that doesn’t mean it is going to take over our heritage. There is no dearth of people who value what is and was really good. Didn’t Mughal-e-Azam release in colour print? There are blog marathons happening for saving prints of old movies. Digitizing of things that matter will never stop.
Internet itself is still a teenager and teenagers, people with less work and free Internet at office and jobless educated house-wives are the major demographic for social media these days. The real masters have nothing to fear. The future talent might get run over by overwhelming number of talent. But those who are just caught in the frenzy burn out faster than fireflies…
Even out of the Biebers and Rakhi Sawants and Rahul Mahajans and Twilights of the world, anything that has gone on to be a rage because of the internet will only survive if it has substance.
Trends and people associated with it come and go. People get over these internet icons as soon as there is something new out there. Who talks of Sabeer Bhatia today?
And right after Nandy’s tweets, landed up on this Subroto Bagchi link on hubby’s wall – http://www.mindtree.com/subrotobagchi/my-mother-is-an-ugly-woman/
He has encountered a pompous, pseudo Indian giving Germans some half-baked misleading, image-spoiling ‘gyaan‘ (knowledge) about India. It left me wondering who exactly has the exact impression of the real India. And how many of Germans, Italians or Americans care about it beyond watching Slumdog Millionaire, awarding White Tiger or posing in front of Taj Mahal and beaches in Goa and Kerala. Some of them even take slum tours in Mumbai.
This post of Mr Bagachi hits where it hurts. But people giving presentations, writing media reports, giving speeches and even publishing books more often these days have no sense of what exactly they are saying and what kind of impact it is going to have.
I feel like reassuring Mr. Bagachi that those impressionable German students will get over the nasty jokes about India made by an Indian soon too. They will have to if they want to make profit out of a country full of more educated young minds than their entire population put together.
Now I’ve to go. Eat a German breakfast and study British writers and think Indian thoughts…