A girl sitting a seat away from me in the theater was sitting with her feet up the seat and her head between knees, she was sobbing frantically at the end of Remember Me. I felt somehow cheated. I wanted my money back.

For 90 minutes the movie builds to a catastrophe. We know something will go wrong. But it keeps hinting towards uncertainty so much that when the tragedy hits, the air has already leaked out. We wish happy things and make plans forever. We know terrorism, meteors, hell any thing can strike and I can die. We can all die. And still the world goes on… So Ally, the young girl who has witnessed her mother’s murder by muggers, always has her dessert first. Sounds endearing to a guy on a first date.

The movie constantly keeps mocking itself and still takes everything too seriously. There is a limit to brooding, poetic dysfunctional characters. No wonder in spite of a charming cast and serious performances, it still didn’t strike a chord with the audience. It intends you to cry. And that intention is too blatantly present from the beginning. But even provoked tears need to come naturally. It is a movie that tries too hard.

Robert Pattinson looks relaxed, enjoying what he is doing unlike the Twilight melodrama where he seems desperately out of the place. Hope that Edward Cullen stigma doesn’t hamper in him getting better movies. Pierce Brosnan is a natural. Emily de Ravin has a way better chemistry with Pattinson.

Everything is smooth and nicely builds towards the end, well made, well acted. But the end seems to cut the knot the writers were unable to untie…

As for the whole movie, in retrospect it feels a bit inconsequential.