When there is a gap in posts here, I keep thinking of subjects at the back of my mind while doing everything else. And that ‘everything’ in life becomes so mundane that nothing seems special enough for this place. It took a movie like The Blind Side to break the ice….

Sandra Bullock always looked pleasant and sweet. Yet there didn’t seem anything special about her till her life got all messed up. Now that she has won a Best Actress Oscar and got out of a bad relationship, adopted an Afro-American baby, she has become more interesting.
I wonder if it actually is like that or the other way round. It feels like the energy that the movie ‘The Blind Side’ generates could shake someone who is paying attention and not watching a movie for the heck of it. I gather while playing the part, Bullock has done such a thorough job, she seems to have imbibed some qualities of Mrs Tuohy, the character she plays.
We all have different understanding of life but mostly we’re hardly aware of it while living it. Mrs. Tuohy is so much aware of her life that she seems to live it with more excitement. Nothing seems impossible to her, nothing breaks her down, nothing stops her going for what she wants and all of it in the periphery of family, religion, society, education system, sports and even politics. She breaks the rules and stays in her limits and those limits are not set by anyone else but herself.
It was a treat to see Bullock portray one of the rare well rounded characters in recent times. And it is not surprising that the character is inspired or rather closely based on a real Mrs Tuohy who changed lives effortlessly, without carrying the burden of that change.
If only such real understanding of life wasn’t mostly placed in the blind side…