It has been one helluva happening month.
Went to Berlin. Had my jaws dropping for all the history, the wall and surprising friendliness.

Experienced German craziness for Football, flags outside the houses, flags on the cars and colours representing the country worn in every possible way wasn’t enough. Went to a Fifa fanfest public viewing at Olympia stadium.

Went to Hamburg. Had jaws touching the ground now at how different the city was from rest of the Germany. Their fishmarket is just the tip of the iceberg.
Saw a Harley parade with nearly 50,000 Harley bikes on the roads of Hamburg.
Rest of the days were spent cycling around in the rain with a few sunny days thrown in here and there, attempting to grasp better Deutsch at Kubiz am Unterhaching and workout and travel writing while almost everyday promising myself to write a blog. Hopefully this place will see more of me in July.