Jane Austen has captivated readers over centuries now. The very specialty of her novels is that she conveys so many complicated personal, social, human troubles through entertaining characters and situations. Translating novels to screens is not an easy job. But her stories have such a simplicity in the structure that they have been adaptable to many formats and various cultures. So when some star kids decided to set Emma in south Delhi high society in contemporary times and call her Aisha, it was an exciting prospect, only till it came out in the theaters and people who weren’t paid to review it and weren’t brain dead saw it. It is high time people get aware of PR generated positive reviews and vibes around the movie. I’m pretty sure they’ll count this one as a hit that recovered it’s money and may end up giving it some awards too. I’ve only one word for it. Shallow.

Sonam Kapoor may look pretty but Shobhaa De is right, the lass lacks the spark and mann she can’t act. After watching Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Basinger’s versions of Emma, watching Sonam Kapoor attempt to play a character was like watching a child pulling wings and feathers out of a beautiful bird that has just been butchered during the screenplay writing.
Austen’s Emma is over-confident, but she knows it. Emma tries to control the world around her but she gets taken for a ride, Emma tries her hands at everything but she knows she doesn’t want any of it. Emma is intelligent but not vulnerable, Emma doesn’t want to marry because she wants to take care of her father, even when she finds her Mr. Knightly she has her priorities right. Matchmaking is a diversion and a temporary obsession for her, entertainment for readers and a technique for the writer to show us the social follies and gamut of characters. Sadly, all the young adapting team of Aisha has managed to make her do is shop till she maxes out her father’s credit card and call everyone ‘bechara’.
Alas, with such a budget and charming Abhay Deol what this movie could have been….