Little kids in Gryffindor robes, sales persons in Witch hats and lots and lots of energy around. It will happen one more time next July. Today when I was rushing towards the theater for the first show of Deathly Hallows 1, I was shivering. Well that’s more because it was 2 degrees but shivering nevertheless.

The books kept getting better and better till they reached the 7th installment. And now the story is out. There is one last page left that is going to come in next year as the 8th movie. After that even if JK Rowling writes another Potter book or there is a Broadway musical or if someone decides to make a miniseries or an animated series or whatever. Things in the Potter-world are coming to an end. Feels like whatever happens next will be seen more as a drag, aftermath rather than continuation.

When the theater is full of kids you are prepared to hear a lot of ruckus during the next three hours. But no one made a sound today. The kids were German, literally.
And when it ended, there was a lot of picture clicking and throwing around of the Potter-jargon. But no one talked about how was the movie. It stopped mattering how the movies turned out long back. They had to be fine for the fans because you can hardly go wrong with this content. I’ve come to believe after too many experiences that whoever has loved a book will manage to fault find with the movie based on it anyway. So I don’t want to talk about all that. A lot of reviewers will be doing that. All I feel like sharing at the moment is that it was worth the anticipation. Deathly Hallows is such a complicated book that to tell it even in six hours and two movies is not going to be easy. And the happy addition of Harry-Hermione dance in the tent made everyone laugh.
It felt good to be back in a Happy Potter movie for the second last time. The only regret, wish they had played Fluffy’s Harp at a few places in the background.