I should begin with the warning of frivolity but then what in our lives is not frivolous.

Last Friday my beloved 2TB HD media drive suddenly decided to go on a stand by. It no longer works with the TV. Till this happened I didn’t realize how much my routine depended on it. But that made me contemplate a bit more on my schedule and such past events and more realization followed.

In the early 90s when I was not even a teenager, cable TV was a new phenomena. And it used to be quite fickle. Whenever some channel will stop because the service provider had some ‘technical difficulty’ I would go berserk, well figuratively. Then started the addiction to sitcoms and suddenly the cable guys will stop broadcast of Zee-cafe or Star World in the following decade and the same berserk behaviour would surface.

Cut to 2000s, entertainment resources shifted from TV to Internet. And now I was dependent on the internet service providers. The low data-transfers meant feeling low and dial up connection errors meant emotional terrors. I even cried wolf when a cell phone was lost.
Things have changed a bit in this new decade. TV, netbook, storage devices and I are all intertwined. There are more gadgets surrounding me, a few touchscreens here and a few terabytes storage there. All my friends live in between them. Trust me I love them all.
I believed I had evolved along with the resources of entertainment. But every time something gets hanged, crashed or stands me up, my initial reaction is the same. Is it because of constant lack of real conflicts in life? or do I put too much emotions in things that operate on batteries or are plugged in to the wall?
Wait, these are the same things that read me bed-time stories from audio books. These are also the same things that show me Thelma and Louise and Seven Years in Tibet and Macbeth. These are the same things that let me feel closer to my guardian angels. These are the very things that all my work depends on.
These are the same things that keep me close to my reality and my fiction. What’s wrong if I depend on them?
Well, the contemplation took a very weird turn. I can’t blame gadgets cause they sometimes act wrong. Haven’t too many people in my life acted far more unexpectedly? Technology can’t be that inhuman after all if it can have such emotional impact on us. Men used to name their cars, I’m pretty sure they secretly name their gadgets too.
Perhaps man will not become the feared machine thanks to too much technology, but we might have accidentally humanized technology…