Every few minutes a new destructive development (!) flashes on the news channel and there is no escaping this reality.

There will be fund raising, help, rebuilding and things will eventually settle down sooner or later. Or the focus will shift the moment something bigger comes to the world’s attention.
Anyone and everyone online is posing sympathetic messages about this right below their enthusiastic cricket or football match scores and rants about daily choresI feel like a phony writing this post right now. And still it is the world of web and technology that makes communication a bit easier at a time like this for people in trouble.
Ironically, it is just ‘a piece of information’ to those of us who are not affected by it. But this piece of information is a terrifying reality for a few million people in only one corner of the world. We’ve all been part of one such corner at some point of time in our lives. In certain cases more than once. They might say it is the cycle of life. A lot of things like this have been happening since the dawn of time and surely more are coming. But is it just a natural process?
They say Japan was prepared with mitigation against the Earthquake and for the tsunami there wasn’t much they could do. But how does man rise out of something like this? How does man clear up a mess so big? People have lost lives and perhaps the survivors have lost more than their life.
When we discover remains of some lost civilization or read about ancient history about how they disappeared, the mystique of it all gives you goosebumps. But when we witness how towns can go missing and islands shifting from their place, as if fictional disaster movies are coming alive… there seems to be nothing mystical about so much human loss.
A man who lost his partner in 2004 tsunami was there giving message to people about coping with the loss of loved ones and think how they might be alive under different circumstances and not think negatively and grow out of the psychological trauma.
But do we ever come out of these shocks or simply learn to live with the aftershocks? The world is missing a lot more than half a town right about now…