The chain of thought is a funny thing.

I started the morning singing Johny Cash’s Ring of Fire… and remembered a teenage street singer girl in Venice carnival rocked it with guitar and tamburin beats last week while I ate a piece of tart… Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job with Cash’s songs too. How Phoenix made a fool of himself on David Letterman show a few years back and then how amazingly now he has lost that beard and all that weight he had put on.
Well, I ended up touching my own raw nerve… the beard was forgotten, so was Joaquin Phoenix and all that stuck in my head was the phrase ‘lose all that weight’…

Mann now that is the real ring of fire, the vicious circle… that begins with eating and perhaps ends with eating as well. Feels like now it has been a life time of losing, gaining back, losing again and gaining more weight. There is no permanent solution to it that can include me eating to my heart’s content. There comes the key word ‘heart’s content’. Is there something like ‘heart’s content’? When it comes to food, my heart is a bottomless pit. And it never thinks about my stomach.
If I still want to ignore my heart and stick to my weighing machine, I gotta follow this simple logic:
Eat healthy calories as per your BMI and BMR and burn the extra calories off with exercise.
When in process of losing weight the diet or exercise ratio should be 40% deit and 60% exercise.
When in process of maintaining weight, it should be 40% exercise and 60% healthy diet.
While I type this all I want to do is eat like Lorelei Gilmore… So another wise thing to do while making attempts to lose weight will be not to watch TV that inspires you to eat more…
When it comes to this area, no one is an expert and everyone is an expert. This blog post is in the league of a cricket fan sitting at home advising Dhoni on TV screen. And the irony here is that I’m the cricket fan and Dhoni at the same time, well not literally.
I’m not feeling any wiser or thinner after writing this. But I’m laughing sarcastically and it’s not hard to believe that’s making me more hungry. Phew!