After a communication gap, when you write to a friend, several things come rushing to you and still nothing seems adequate enough to break the ice. Once again, I’ve that similar feeling as I start writing here again. And then there are a couple of thoughts.

First: This place needs a revamp. Second: It can wait, posting regularly makes more sense first.

I’m going with the second thought and start with a question that is baffling me. The world has been shrinking for a while now, thanks to technology and transport growth. But how is it going to impact the languages of the world?
No one can claim that English is taking over everywhere but it has surely seeped into most cultures. Rather most cultures are forced to make way for it cause it is the language of the business and technology now. And English finds its way even phonetically in other languages. I recently read one chapter of a Gujarati novel. In five pages, there were more than 10 English sentences, written phonetically in Gujarati and more than 50 English words directly used as if they were completely Gujarati.
Same goes for daily news, features, conversations. I can see my language dissolving and I’m helping it dissolve in many ways. I write regularly for Gujarati publications and freely use many accepted English words in the process, cause using the pure Gujarati words for them would make me sound pre-historic and funny like Bhadrambhadra. In a way, I’m keeping in pace with the time and lamenting the time gone by at the same time.
There is no direct answer to this bafflement as the evolving of the languages isn’t a subject of a mere blog post but as I write this, I do find a justification for using hybrid Gujarati, by looking at it like a perfectly blended cocktail that is flavourful, looks beautiful, retains the base and definitely gives you that heady feeling.