Perhaps India is suffering from indigestion. There is too much going around and there is very little time to chew it all. Everything and anything seems controversy ridden.

We want to brag about how beautiful our women are, how much money our movies are making and how artistic and colourful everything is. But we also know how unfiltered our socio-political system is.
A common man reading the reports about Cannes in India might think as if our Bollywood has conquered the world. We like to talk about how SRK has more fans than Tom Cruise but why do we need this kind of validation? No matter how trashy the movie Ready is, we’ll just talk about Salman’s star power.

This Thor Ganguly’s article on the attitude of the Indians towards movies is quite enlightening. We don’t care what kind of movies rest of the world is making, but we would love to sit and crib about Cannes not picking up our movies. This need for validation is an old argument but keeps resurfacing again and again. It is also cropping up in the way we watch our cricket now. Aakar Patel gave this very unique point of view at the time when everyone’s schedule revolved around the cricket world cup. Somehow we prefer to feel proud compared to watch a good sport. The spirit of sport is just talked about. We’re so obsessed with feeling proud, that some Indian fans of recent Federer-Nadal clash had their social networking. statuses set on ‘Federer make us proud’. Oh well…
This whole fasting, revolutionizing with the status messages, sudden need for transparency, and sadhu babas with properties worth thousands of crores, everything seems to have their strings attached to the unknown corners in the world. And in the midst of it all, I switched on the UK based CNN they telecast in Germany, showing in the prime time feature how right in this month some families in Rajasthan have their girls married at the age of 5 and Elephants are stampeding out on the street.
Is all of it happening in the same country in the same century? But then, aren’t supposed to be constantly hungry for melodrama?