You may take a flight to Milan. You may click the scenic Alps from the plane on the way.
You may land in Italy and take off to Genoa, only to take a train ride to Monterosso.
You may hike, swim, float through Chinque Terre, the five historical, uniquely built, rustic Italian coastal towns.
You may brave a 5 hour hike in the vineyards, through thin woods, lemon and olive trees.
You may hop from Vernazza to Corniglia to Manarola to Riomaggiore and Porto Venere.
You may eventually come back to Milan, park yourself with a bottle of Ferrari Prosecco in front of the Duomo. You may walk through the Via Garibaldi.
Right when you are about to leave for home in a few hours. A bee decides to rest on your arms.
That bee sting is the only thing you can think of for the next few days, you may or may not want to think about it.
PS: Elaborated series of travel experiences from the Liguarian shores will ‘bee’ here soon.