We’ve heard it too many times now that the world is shrinking, but looking at what’s going on at Syntagma Square right now, and what has been going on in form of natural and political and economical calamities over the world, I wonder if the world is shrieking while it is shrinking.

Syntagma square in Athens is like a gateway to experiencing rest of the Greece. You can just walk up to Acropolis and look at the remnants of the ancient pioneers of democracy. Or simply sit on the sidewalk marveling at the city that has been the root of so much knowledge.
Greece is a dream come true for any tourist with the history, weather, food and above all its people who wave at you from the balcony when you pass with your backpack from their streets. The same hands are waving at the world for different and many unfathomable reasons.
I had a simple view of the situation based on BBC, and CNN reports along with common biases.This blog post by a Greek artist gives you a whole new perspective. Whatever little personal experience I’ve had of Greeks, my heart goes out to them. After all we Indians too understand a thing or two about world misunderstanding us.
World after all isn’t a warm and fuzzy tourist destination all the time…